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We can't talk about 1990's Grunge
without mentioning MUDHONEY,
the True Gods of Grunge.

If you want to KNOW what
GRUNGE MUSIC is, in 1 simple lesson, listen to THIS ALBUM:



I saw them play live thrice, back in the day.
The first time (Blind Pig, Ann Arbor) 
they were super lame (sorry guys, you were.)
The second and third times
(St. Andrew's Hall, Detroit, 1991 & 1992)



Originally from Denver, CO.
They were a bit less "grungey", but still one of my faves. SUPER GREAT live
(Heidelberg, Ann Arbor,  MI, 1990
St. Andrew's Hall, Detroit, 1993)


The Fluid - Albums and EPs
The Fluid released six LPs and EPs between 1986 and 1993.  The way in which those albums were released was a little screwy.  Between the U.S. and Germany (Sub Pop and Glitterhouse), sleeves changed, track listings changed, hairstyles changed...all of these albums are worth your time, though.
Punch n Judy

RayOn RAY0001, released 1986
Glitterhouse GR0022, released 1986
The Fluid's first album.  It was first released on a Colorado label called RayOn, which was specifically assembled to put this record out.  It was picked up by the German label Glitterhouse, given one of the ugliest album covers in human history, and re-released with an extra track, "Graveyard Tramps."  This was once a ridiculously difficult album to find.  It took me three years pre-internet.  Now, it shows up for auction every few months.  It represented a significant moment in record producing history...the Fluid was Glitterhouse's first link to a Sub Pop band (even though they weren't one yet).  Glitterhouse and Sub Pop maintained a relationship for many years.
Version Approximate value ($)
RayOn RAY0001 - Black 25-35
Glitterhouse GR0022 - Black 20-25
Clear Black Paper

Glitterhouse GR0026 (Germany)
Sub Pop SP16, released May 1988
Fluid Album #2.  The Glitterhouse version came first for this one, all on black vinyl.  The Fluid then signed to Sub Pop back in the label's very early days.  There are a number of sources that cite the Afghan Whigs as the first non-Seattle Sub Pop signing, but it was the Fluid.  Fo' real.  Anyway, Sub Pop took the album, replaced four of the tracks (all of the replacement songs were available on the Freak Magnet EP), changed the sleeve, and put it out in 1988.  The first pressing was on blue vinyl and limited to 500 copies.  Later versions were on pink marble and black. On the sleeves for the later pressings, the shaded areas appear to be darker.  It's significant enough to where I can eyeball the difference easily in a record store.  The first pressing came with Sub Pop's first catalogue, a double-sided full page detailing SP10 through SP19.

Version Approximate value ($)
Glitterhouse GR0026 18-20
SP16 Blue (500) 18-20
SP16 Pink Marble 15
SP16 Black 10-12

Insert - Side 1

Insert - Side 2

Test Pressing

Freak Magnet EP

Glitterhouse GR0041, released 1988
This release only came out on Glitterhouse, all on black vinyl.  Four of the tracks were released on the Sub Pop version of Clear Black Paper.  The versions of the other three songs found on this EP were never released in the U.S.  A different version of "Don't Wanna Play" did come out on the Colorado Krew III 7" compilation.
Version Approximate value ($)
Glitterhouse GR0041 12-15

Sub Pop SP36, released June 1989
Glitterhouse GR0055
Released concurrently on Sub Pop and Glitterhouse in 1989.  The sleeve was the same for both except for the coloring.  The Glitterhouse one had an olive green tint, while the Sub Pop one was more pink.  As with all others, the Glitterhouse version was on black vinyl.  The Sub Pop version...not so much.  A member of the band told me that the first pressing was of equal numbers of pink marble and red marble copies, and believed it was a total press run of 1000.  The grey marble and black copies were later pressings.  Other colors may exist.  The only cd version of the full Roadmouth album was on Glitterhouse.  Most of the album was later released in cd form along with the Glue EP by Sub Pop.
Version Approximate value ($)
GR0055 - Black 15-20
SP36 - 1st Press - Pink Marble (500) 15-20
SP36 - 1st Press - Red Marble (500) 15-20
SP36 - Grey Marble 15-20
SP36 - Black 35-45


Sub Pop SP64, released April 1990
Glitterhouse GR0094
Glue...the last Fluid release on either Glitterhouse or Sub Pop.  The EP was later combined with Roadmouth (minus three songs) for a Sub Pop cd release.  Glitterhouse copies of Glue were all on black vinyl.  The first Sub Pop pressing was on purple vinyl, limited to 1000 copies.  Later pressings were on mint green and black vinyl.  I have been told by a reliable source that a grey version also exists, but I have never seen one.  Other colors may exist.
Version Approximate value ($)
GR0094 Black 12-15
SP64 Purple Marble (1000) 15-20
SP64 Mint Green Marble 15
SP64 Black 10

Hollywood HR-61445-1, released 1993
The Fluid made the jump to the majors in 1993, probably a year or two too late.  Purplemetalflakemusic, the longtime publishing name of the band's songs, was the title of their Hollywood Records debut (and, sadly, swan song).  I consider this to be their best album.  I think it was not promoted well at all, despite four promo singles (three cds, one 7") being released.  There were three or four songs on the album that were quite commercially accessible, but they were not the ones that were chosen as singles.  I digress.  Hollywood put out a vinyl version of the album on purple vinyl that is somewhat difficult to come by.  I got it years ago at a random store in Tokyo.  It sold for over $50 on eBay in 2007.  I found this surprising.  I think $20-25 is a much more likely selling price if you want to track it down.
Some (all?) of the U.S. cds came with a limited edition purple metal flake sticker.  The Japanese version of the cd had a bonus track ("Cell"), which also appears on the Spot the Loon EP and the Pill promo cd.
Version Approximate value ($)
Hollywood HR-61445-1 15-45

(Info taken from Pette Discographies (link) )


We've already told you how great Soundgarden is:

Previous Soundgarden Post

They didn't really stay "grunge" all that long, but who cares (were they ever?).
They just got better and better.
(Live shows were also great.)

Departed bassist Hiro Yamamoto went on to form TRULY:

Leslie's Coughing Up Blood

Great single with super but hard-to-find song
 H.I.V. Baby (and a better than the album version of
Room 1000 Years Wide)



1. Sub Pop Rock City
2. Toy Box
3. Heretic
4. Come Together [Beatles Cover]
5. Fresh Deadly Roses
6. HIV Baby
7. Stray Cat Blues [Rolling Stones Cover]
8. Give You Want [Devo Cover]
9. Show Me
10. Into The Void [Sealth] [Black Sabbath Cover]
11. I Don't Care About You [Fear Cover]
12. Can You See Me [Jimi Hendrix Cover]
13. Cold Bitch
14. I Can Give You Anything [Ramones Cover]
15. Homicidal Suicidal [Buzzcocks Cover]
16. Touch Me
17. She's A Politician
18. Birth Ritual
19. She Likes Surprises
20. Like Suicide [Acoustic]
21. Birth Ritual [Original Demo]
22. Kyle Petty, Son Of Richard
23. Motorcycle Loop [Short Version]
24.Blind Dogs
25. Jerry Garcia's Finger
26. Karaoke
27. Bleed Together
28. Dusty [Moby Remix]
29. A Splice Of Space Jam

Too bad it doesn't actually seem to exist....

And from L.A. came

I saw them play several times live, and they were always great.
The night they showed up late to warm up for Big Chief at St. Andrew's Hall
("Your city is a maze of one-way streets!")
They blew Big Chief off the stage!

Previous L7 Post

Smell the Magic
Bricks Are Heavy
Hungry For Stink
The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum
Slap Happy

Also appeared on some compilations & tributes (e.g. Shonen Knife "Baggs")


Many people would not label the Lunachicks as "grunge".
But if you listen to their first single...
(shown above)

I saw them play live many times, in Detroit and Chicago.
Even met & corresponded with them.


This Discography comes from
and the links will take you there...


Babysitters On Acid

Blast First 1990

Binge And Purge

Safe House 1992

Jerk Of All Trades

Go-Kart Records 1995

Pretty Ugly

Go-Kart Records 1997

Drop Dead Live

Go-Kart Records 1998

Luxury Problem

Go-Kart Records 1999


Singles & EP's:

Sugar Luv

Blast First 1989

Lunachicks / Dinosaur Jr* - Get Off The Road / Just Like Heaven ‎ (Flexi, 7", S/Sided, Promo)

The Catalogue 1989

Cookie Moshter / Complication

‎ (7", Single, Ltd)
Blast First 1990


Safe House 1992

C.I.L.L. / Plugg

‎ (7", Clear vinyl)
Vital Music 1992

Shit.Finger.Dick (F.D.S.) / Light As A Feather (Stiff As A Board)

‎ (7", Single)
Sympathy For The Record Industry 1993

Plus they were on several tribute compilations, for Shonen Knife ("Pretty Little Baka Guy"...sooo goood!), the Buzzcocks ("Oh Shit"/"Noise Annoys"), Iggy Pop ("The Passenger").

And Go-Kart Records compilation CD's, with songs like "Ay Chihuahua" and "Pretty Ugly"(not on the Pretty Ugly album).

And yes, there is still

1990's Grunge Music Post 1

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