Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Just when you thought it was safe
to go back in the water...

Octopus Girls Post (11)
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Octopus Girls Post (9) 
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This one goes a bit too far for public viewing

Baby Likes It?
2 Girls, 1 Octopus
The Infamous Film
Impossible to actually find...
 (not here, either!)
...we doubt it actually exists!

Octopus Girl
The Infamous Film
A film of a woman expelling an octopus from her vagina. 
Which we cannot endorse, so we are not providing a link.
But it is there at the site listed above!
We suggest that you DO NOT watch it!
It is truly twisted.
(For those of you who DO go there:
Don't click on anything, just make sure your
Flash Shockwave is turned on.
The film starts on its own.)
You Sick Sea Monkey!


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